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Autologous melanocyte transfer via epidermal grafts for lip vitiligo.

* Gupta S, * Goel A, * Kanwar AJ, * Kumar B.

Department of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India. [email protected]


Vitiligo of the lips is a common concern of great psychologic consequence. Medical therapies are often ineffective due mainly to the absence of hair follicles. The transfer of melanocytes or melanocyte-bearing skin by a surgical procedure may repigment this condition.


Only a few surgical modalities have been successful in this "difficult to treat" site. OBJECTIVE: To assess the effectiveness of autologous melanocyte transfer by epidermal grafts for lip vitiligo and to review the literature on the surgical correction of lip vitiligo. METHODS: Twenty-six vitiligo patients (20 women and six men; age range, 13-43 years; mean, 26.8 years) having 31 affected lips with stable disease were included in the study. The suction blisters were raised using our own modified device on the lateral aspect of the thigh. The roofs of the blisters were transferred to the dermabraded recipient area. The dressing, together with the grafts, was removed on day 8. Patients were given photochemotherapy for 6 weeks. In addition, meta-analysis of the published literature on the surgical management of lip vitiligo was also performed. RESULTS: Complete repigmentation was observed in 27 of the 31 lip areas (87%) in 23 of 25 patients (92%) in whom a follow-up for 6 months or more was available. Complications observed were persistent hyperpigmentation in 12 lips and reactivation of herpes in one patient. Minimal hyperpigmentation was seen in most of the remaining lips. The results of the meta-analysis revealed that the success rate varies from 32.5% to 100% with various surgical procedures. CONCLUSION: Autologous melanocyte transfer is an effective and safe therapeutic option for stable vitiligo of the lips. It is cosmetically more acceptable, as there is no abnormal keratinization, which is a problem associated with dermo-epidermal grafts.

PMID: 16796641 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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